Kamokita High School 100th Anniversary
25 October, 2015


  On October 25th, 2015, Kamokita High School celebrated its 100th Anniversary. The school was established by a local teacher, Mr. Mamoru Saiki, 100 years ago, and a lot of students graduated from Kamokita every year. Many graduates and local people came to the ceremony. We had keynote speeches, a hula dance performance, and we sang the school’s song.  

The day started with an unveiling ceremony. All the students and teachers took part in the ceremony. The main ceremony started with a silent prayer for all of the students who had passed away in the 100 years since the school’s founding. There were some speeches by our principal and important guests. Then all the participants sang the school’s songs. We didn’t know the former version of the school song, but we were amazed that older people remembered the school song from a long time ago and sang in chorus.

After the first part of the ceremony, our art club introduced the Kamokita logo-mark, which was designed by art club students. After the logo introduction, we enjoyed hula. At the time Mr. Saiki established Kamokita High School, this region had no school, so he founded Nomi-Gakusha for the youth in1904. Nomi-Gakusha changed its name to Kamokita High School in 1965. In the past, Kamokita High School had 600 students and many clubs. The truth surprised us. Now we have less clubs, but we still study hard and dedicate ourselves to our club activities.

We are proud of Kamokita’s respectable school history because a lot of efforts have been made to establish and improve our school. Thanks to those efforts, Kamokita students now enjoy their school life. Miss Mukai said that participating in the ceremony was a good experience. Miss Morioka says, “Having the 100th anniversary was great and pleasant and I am happy that I joined the ceremony. I was proud of Kamokita High School’s history. Now, it has only about 150 students, but the local people love Kamokita High School. By joining the ceremony and by looking back on the history of a 100 years, I now know that Kamokita High School was made by many people who made great efforts for the school.
(Written by Kamokita third-year students)